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The production of a video is much easier than you probably think and you are supported from the beginning.

We acknowledge that you may not be the absolute expert in filmmaking, so we explain the process in simple terms, got to the point and honest.

Depending on the project, it takes between 24 hours and 3 weeks from kick-off to delivery of your video  the usual production time is 1 week.

To give you an idea, take a look at the following overview of the steps of a 1 to 2 min. marketing video, ready to be distributed to your prospects on YouTube, on your Website, with a newsletter, and on your Social Media accounts.


Tell us in a few words what you sell, to whom, and wherefore, and what your budget is, so that we can send you a concept and an offering.


Together on the spot, we define precisely the video’s objectives, target audience, message, style, duration, and distribution.


We present a pre-production document with the screenplay, the filmmaker’s intentions, and, if needed, a storyboard and photos, and a detailed and reliable quote.


This step usually requires 0.5 to 3 days, including 1 to 3 crew members, 1 to 3 cameras, a gimbal and/or a drone, light, and sound you are more than welcome on the set.


The video is then edited, titled, colour graded and mixed of course, you have your say until the final cut.


The full HD video is resided and encoded in a format that works best for the intended platforms. You can then embed it on your Website and Social Media accounts or…


…you entrust us with the distribution: taking into account your objectives and your budget, an online marketing campaign is planned, executed, and measured.