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At the heart of every successful marketing video is always an emotional story, a clear goal, and a great vision.


Engaged customers

The story your video tells should always make your followers the heroes: a good story has to engage your clients.

Because stories are interesting, they help people remember what you say, and they are a good way to convey information and emotion memorably.

Call to action

And a story should always end with a “Call to Action”. What shall the target audience do after viewing your video? Not only to like or share the video but above all to contact you, buy or book.

The name of the game is to get visitors to your website and turn those visitors into leads who may later be converted to paying customers.

Our offering

Storytelling is our business. You only have to tell us about your brand, your products, and your objectives. We create the emotion, the message, and the outcome.



The shooting of any video must be well planned, go almost unnoticed and be kept as short as possible.


Unobtrusive shooting

Nowadays, the production of a video for the Web doesn’t need a large team or big cameras – only the result counts.

We adapt the crew and the equipment to the project so that neither your employees nor your clients are bothered when we are filming.

Of course, we film in full HD or even 4K, with a gimbal, a drone or other devices for impressive footage, small lighting kits, and a perfect sound recording.

You are more than welcome on the set and are always asked for your inputs and requirements if you wish so.

You decide on the final cut

You are also involved in the post-production: you receive intermediate versions during the editing process until we agree on the final cut of your video.

Our offering

We produce high-quality videos with a small, effective, and unobtrusive team, in the minimum time frame and a result-focused approach.


The goal of a marketing video is not only to be seen by the target audience but eventually to sell.


YouTube is a search engine

What is the use of a video if no one sees it?

For sure, a Website that includes a video is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google, but you should also remind that YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine in the world.

Your customers are on Social Media

Most importantly, your video has to be diffused where your customers spend their time: on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…

It is possible to define precisely the target audience’s profile, according to his lifestyle, interests, location, past purchases, etc. And the best: on most Social Media platforms, you won’t be charged if your video isn’t watched for a minimum of time.

Our offering

We create customized online advertising campaigns for your videos, for all kinds of budgets – and the performance can be precisely measured.